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Our solution relies heavily on creating loosely coupled Architecture rather than having all essentials components of the system tightly coupled. We develop solutions using a containerized approach to makes sure that each functional module interacts with the other using a pub/sub model and on demand model. Our belief is to keep it simple and to do maximum with little. Our approach has always been to follow a DRY approach in delivering solutions with more focus on getting it done without reinventing the wheel.


One of the least understood areas amongst the MSME zone. MSME’s opting to develop business critical solution quite often forget the importance of Data security standards and data Compliance standards. We strive hard to ensure that Data compliance is met from all aspects

  • Country specific Data Compliance and Standards
  • Domain Specific Data compliance and standards (Banking, Healthcare etc)
  • Customer Data Privacy compliance
  • GDPR
  • We also ensure that image, content and plagiarism is strictly avoided in our solutions
  • We provide due credit and acknowledgment to the authors of Open source code, logic or mechanisms used in our software products or used in building apps and solutions for our customers

Focus to minute details of data security and compliance is an important milestone in building a legally compliant application or software product.

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Security Security


We advise and guide our Customers to develop applications with scalable architecture and cloud vendors providing scalable DB and File store solutions. At Technicious, We ensure scalability requirements are well captured in advance as provide scalable db or file store architecture using AWS or GCloud services.


With the advent of so many options for cloud solutions, Customers often are stuck with the right option to choose. We help you chose the right cloud option and implementing system availability feature based on your application and business demands. High Availability is the common requirement for all applications and we guide you with the right strategies for creating availability zones, load balancers, real-time backup replication strategy to minimize business impact to your business applications and systems.

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Test Strategy 

Test Driven Development and Test to fail is the core strategy followed by Technicious to develop enterprise solutions. Our strategy involves creating scenarios to break the system during the process of development. This strategy ensures in early detection of bugs that could be potentially hazardous at later stage.

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